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Our Void Inside

By: J.M. Vrooman

Looking in the mirror, each person sees their unique reflection. What do you see when you peer into the beautifully unique pigment of your eyes. Do you wonder if you look good enough, or do you ask if you will be accepted by society and their high unrealistic standards? Do we ask ourselves why do I have this Fill in the blank on my face? #liveamplified

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Those who suffer from a negative body image have a distorted perception of their body and see themselves not as they are but how they want to see themselves. These people have convinced themselves that if you are anything other than a size 00, then you are a failure. You become the F-word which I dare not mention, for the F-word can shake the very core of someone who is struggling to maintain their positive body image. There are those who have been taught from an early age that if they become the F-word then they should feel ashamed. #loveamplified

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It always disturbed me when people called each other nasty names like Ugly. What determines if you are ugly? Not the ramblings of the insignificant life-form that dares to judge another appearance. What authority do they claim over your opinions? Does it matter at the end of the day what some random person says? How could you be ugly when you are so kind. That scar or freckle or birthmark only protects your true beauty inside. Don't let that tiny negative thought ruin your day.

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I bet you're wondering how do I get a positive body image? I will tell you, please don’t keep it a secret, because there are many people still suffering from a negative image and need to hear the truth.

First, look at yourself in the mirror and say, I am a beautiful person. My eyes are a gorgeous unique color. My body is my own, and it is perfect just as it is. If I choose to lose weight, then I am still perfect. I look amazing and no one can change my mind about it. I am happy in the body I have, and I celebrate myself. If you accept your body then you can accept yourself and others will accept you. You keep telling yourself that you are beautiful and never give in to the hate. This is how you get and maintain a positive body image. #familyamplified

Photo credit to Tiffany Love #liveamplified

Your body image is important and how you perceive yourself is the only thing that truly matters. One must find beauty in their unique height, shape, and weight in order to love themselves. When you have a positive body image you move with confidence and grace. The negative opinions of others no longer matter and you can stay positive even when being attacked. Once you stop letting the outside in; only then will your inside will shine out. #amplified