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Beyond the Void

By: J. M. Vrooman

No matter how tough or strong you are; letting go and losing someone is hard. It can shatter you to the core or feel like you have been set free. There are many types of loss but they are all difficult to deal with. People lose everything from money to pets, humans, even love. Loss and letting go is part of this world, and we all must come to terms with it.

Sometimes losing someone isn't a tragedy but a sigh of relief. Toxic people are sometimes the hardest to lose. Even if you are done with the relationship, toxic people find a way to pull you back. It's like holding onto a burning wax candle with no glass to protect you. The wax melts from the hot flame, then drips onto your hands. It burns your skin causing you to let go. It causes damage but you realize the room is dark. You need the light that the flame provides, so you pick it back up and endure the pain. There are scars from the previous burn but think this time it won’t hurt as much.

Friends will tell you it’s never easy to walk away but sometimes it feels impossible. You are only as big as the world you create. If you never leave the boundaries that you set, you will be forever trapped. Everyone will say, “let go, because it will be alright.” You know the darkness is scarier than the pain and you can’t let go. It nice to pretend we don’t need one another but that isn’t the case. We are social creatures who yearn for affection.

When you finally find your courage and let go, it’s OK to find your love again. It is not healthy to jump into another relationship when you are still recovering from your burns. You need to focus on loving yourself and finding your value. If you can't love yourself, you will never find peace. Letting go of that pain is the hardest part, but we won't be free until we set ourselves free. Forgiving that person may not be an option. Once you take your power back then that toxic person will no longer affect you.

Hurt people, hurt people. Hearing negativity day in and day out will take its toll on anyone. Eventually, you will believe the lies they are saying. Remind yourself daily that you are strong, you are beautiful, you are handsome, you are brilliant, You can do anything you set your mind to. I have this written on my mirror in lipstick because I want to always remember.

We are not perfect and there are many things we regret. Don’t lose something great because you’re being selfish. The true test of love is to find your happiness together. There is no formula to follow for a perfect relationship. Everyone suffers and everyone struggles. I encourage you to find your strength. Try to live with love in your heart and always be kind. You don’t know the internal struggles people deal with.

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